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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2017 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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somewhat of a crisis the whole well is facing these viruses and just because those people are dying anyway but jennie's to israeli it doesn't mean that they are leaving their countries to seek asylum in a lot of places ok elaine pearson the australia director of human rights watch a thank you for joining us on our program today you're watching news still the com era boss is in trouble in america after admitting some of the statements to the u.s. government were not completely accurate that comes on top of corruption charges here in europe. benghazi one has the details coming up in one minute.
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w.'s program guide. dot com pilots. were flying fighters want to stop by millers to become farmers or engineers every one of them as a prime of the an issue for you to. kiss the children who have already been the boy and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. and the. world trade continues to boom german engineering firms order books a full european commission reports ever rising confidence of what happened to the
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rise of protectionism. multibillions their bus while dealing with corruption charges in europe the company now admits they've also been in accuracies in the us . and netflix pulls its money spinner house of cards the real woeful out of kevin spacey sexual assault admission. also coming up europe in a bunch of bind what john if you like your french pastries soaring demand abroad has led to a batter shortage prices are on the rise. and then fizzle and leads to business global stocks have surged to record highs the bull market is unstoppable and that's despite donald trump's talk of tariffs a looming brags that and the catalonia crisis analysts say financial markets and the touching themselves from the threats of protectionism and the general business of politics the reason is simple global trade is booming. german engineering companies are overwhelmed with work. and the orders keep coming
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in other industries as well. demand for german products is not just growing at home but elsewhere in europe and globally experts say the main reason is an unexpected upswing in world trait. the outlook for international imports and exports is far better than it was at the beginning of the year the world trade organization expects global trade to grow by three point nine percent this year the international monetary fund even forecasts that an increase of four point two percent is possible. the trend is expected to continue in the coming year as well. that's down to the continued economic recovery across europe an important trading partner for many countries worldwide. trade with the us is also strengthening trumps threats of import tariffs and other trade barriers have barely been implemented. this will also benefit asian countries which are posting strong growth
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as a result of robust global trade. and that's also reflected in positive figures for the european economy unemployment in the eurozone edged lower from nine percent a couple months ago to eight point nine percent in september that's the lowest rate since the beginning of two thousand and nine inflation is just managing to hold up it was a one and a half percent last month it dipped ever so slightly to one point four percent this month and g.d.p. growth is edging higher to zero point six percent a modest gain from the half percent that was forecast so the recovery continues painting a surprisingly robust picture for the european economy as global economic headwinds strengthen but look at the u.k. paints a different picture the bank of england expects london could lose up to seventy five thousand financial services jobs in the years following brags it is according to a report by the b.b.c.
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the central bank sees the figures as a reasonable scenario one point one million people are employed in the financial sector this means the industry could lose almost seven percent of its workforce the bank of england maintains that london will remain one of the world's largest financial centers after some economists had warned the capital could lose its status as a global financial hub. aircraft maker buses posted quarterly core operating at the earnings of six hundred ninety seven million euros as revenues rose two percent but the numbers were overshadowed by a surprise admission the company found in accuracies in statements to the us state department regarding the sale of military hardware this comes on top of unresolved legal troubles from corruption probes in europe which of all ready clipped aircraft sales and may result in heavy fines. air bus employees should prepare themselves for turbulent times this morning came from the c.e.o.
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himself tom enders and was directed to around one hundred thirty thousand employees worldwide the c.e.o. has also filed a corruption complaint with the british authorities against his own company and as wanted to clean up the european aircraft giant. this is going to be a long process and there are potentially serious consequences including significant penalties to the company this is what anders wrote to the aircraft makers staff in early october the extent of the damage is not yet known the allegations are of kickbacks during sales of air bus passenger and military aircraft the effort to boost business also involved the use of illicit funds and g.p.s. sales agents for hot but boy from transparency international one thing is clear the company's management has filed an end is as c.e.o. is responsible. as of venice who is that in which to post if it's true that he
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didn't know then there's definitely organizational problems which can be traced back to him and there's no question about it because after twenty years of o.e.c.d. rules ten years after the semen scandal to not ensure that you know what's happening in your company is impossible and especially in such a difficult business situation with competition from boeing and other competitors it's clear there's a strong temptation to do something like that ended should have taken more care even if you really didn't know. the result is that airbus could be hit with fines in the billions in britain and france and that could have a severe economic impact on the company in germany authorities are investigating the sale of fifteen euro fighter jets to austria here too they're also believed to be irregularities but in germany there's been no indictment against the company only individual employees their ball handling we desperately need a corporate criminal law where companies are threatened by serious punishment this is long been the case in britain and france we're thirty years behind and this is perhaps the consequence of the german age
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a network of interconnected german companies who protect each other and it's not ok . global companies like airbus and siemens a particularly susceptible to corruption especially in situations where the local customs are more blurred. and is now needs to demonstrate full cooperation with the authorities. house of cards has been a cash cow for the video on demand king netflix or the show was full of the board moral characters it doesn't reflect well if the actors behaving like that in real life in the age of harvey weinstein's shaming sexual assault allegations against house of cards star kevin spacey a bad for business now the show's been cancelled. for years house of cards has been netflix his most popular show since the video on demand service launched the groundbreaking political drama series in two thousand and thirteen its number of suspects reivers has grown sharply to one hundred ten
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million worldwide now netflix says house of cards will end after its upcoming sixth season the company said in a statement that it was deeply troubled by anthony rap's allegation the actor and star trek discovery star said that spacey had made sexual advances towards him in one thousand nine hundred six when rap was only fourteen years old spacey said in a twitter post on sunday that he was beyond horrified to hear rap story of the encounter which he claimed he did not remember he wrote that he owed rap a sincere apology for deeply inappropriate drunken behavior spacey who's very secretive about his private life use the incident to come out of the closet as a gay man much to the chagrin of the gay community. i'm incredibly disappointed that kevin spacey has used this situation to come out as gay it suggests that there is a correlation between his sexuality and has allegedly his conduct and there simply isn't this really doesn't help any of us in our fight for equality it actually just
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plays into the hands of those who would continue to marginalize us. netflix insists that it's not canceling the show because of the allegations it planned to end it before they came to light netflix is currently worth some eighty billion dollars its share price has hardly budged. now it's a pain in the neck when you're in the middle of baking something and you've run out of butter but when a country famous for its cuisine and not request sauce runs low it's a national disaster soaring demand for french pastries abroad has led to a shortage of the dairy product setting prices up by sixty percent over the past year. their classic butter rich french pastries the pound chocolate and the croissant both are made daily at loofah bakery in paris where owner stefan the keeps an eye on business the rising price of butter puts in a difficult spot does he cut the amount of butter in some of france's most revered
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pastries or does he raise prices. to tell you can't pass on the extra cost is just not possible and there's only so that is if people want to buy a pound chocolate every day so it's going to become a luxury product. bakers across france and other parts of europe are facing the same dilemma consumers are already taking a hit paying more for butter at the supermarket in france there have even been supply shortages high prices are difficult to swallow for countries like france for butter is hardly considered a luxury its the local cost of global demand consumers around the world especially in china want more european dairy products butter is back in favor of a margarine production hasn't kept pace meanwhile in france dairy farmers and distributors say the problem is temporary. but only. i don't think that we should talk about shortages at the moment milk supplies will naturally recover as autumn and winter progress. on the other hand we do hope that
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agreements can be reached between distributors and processors in order to make sure that stores are being supplied as they should. limit. or capacity. but with the holidays approaching local bakers say their bottom lines are taking a hit sooner than later and he says that what comes if it continues like this with rising prices i'll be forced to pass this on to consumers especially because the year and holidays are approaching. sure to keep you fit. which means more pressure on pocketbooks and more pressure on politicians. the pressures on nights. doing business with here.
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